Who We Are

GalaxyGoo is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing science literacy. We develop educational resources that are free to educators, students, and the general public. We are a community of scientists, educators, students, artists, programmers, and professionals.

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President ................................Kristin F. Henry

Vice President.........................Nicholas Chapin, PhD

Chief Technology Officer........Edwin Heijmen

Chief Science Advisor.............Phyllis Pugh, PhD

Contributing Authors:

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Weyert de Boer: Flash-a-thon 2007 (flash), Going To The Rainbow (flash)

Seb Lee-Delisle: Snowstorm in 15 minutes (flash)

Vera Fleischer: Sine Curve Visualization Tool (flashMX)

Edwin Heijmen: CML Reader (flash), Blogathon 2003 (flash & text), Blogathon 2006 (flash), Flash-a-thon 2007 (flash)

Kristin F. Henry: The Cell (flash), All About Ratios (flash), Neuromuscular Junction Simulation (flash), HIV (text), What's a protease inhibitor?(text), HIV infects a T-cell (animation), Kristin's Log (text), Prions: when good proteins go bad (text), Wordsearch Game (flash), Periodic Table of Elements (flash & webMathematica), MathML Reader (flash & MathML), Blogathon 2003 (flash & text), Blogathon 2006 (flash), Flash-a-thon 2007 (flash)...

Brian Higgins, Ph.D. : Periodic Table of Elements (flash & webMathematica)

Mike Johnson: Blogathon 2003 (flash & text), Blogathon 2006 (flash), Flash-a-thon 2007 (flash)

Dave Kronick: The Incredible, Edible.....Spacecraft? (text), Living in a bubble (text)

Cynthia Lanius: All About Ratios (flash)

Stacey Mulcahy: Blogathon 2006 (flash)

Paul Ortchanian: Blogathon 2006 (flash)

Keith Peters: Blogathon 2006 (flash), Flash-a-thon 2007 (flash), Chaos Game (flash)

Phyllis Pugh, Ph.D. : What is nicotine (text), Nicotine action (text)

Frances Segal: The Cell (flash), Learning Flash (text), The Cell Project (text)

Kenneth A. Small: How to Write an Abstract (text)

Ben Stucki: Flash-a-thon 2007 (flash), Mendelian Prey Experiment (flash)

Richard Wright: Blogathon 2003 (flash & text)

Advisory Board:

John Foley , Paula Foley, Nicole Jackson, Edwin Heijmen, Stacey Mulcahy, Mike Walth

If you are interested in joining the GalaxyGoo advisory board, please send a letter describing how you may benefit GalaxyGoo to

4104 - 24th Street, #349
San Francisco, CA 94114


Frances Segal (2004-2005 academic year)

Founding Members:

Jeffry Brickley, Nicholas Chapin, Jeni Rae Duschak, Kristin Henry, Mark Kattenbelt, Dave Kronick, Jenifer Neidhart, PhD., Phyllis Pugh, PhD., April Wails , Mike A. Walth

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