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Note: GalaxyGoo first published this project while participation in the 2003 blogathon, for which GalaxyGoo was honored with the Best Visual Arts Project award.

Author's comments:

This one builds off the seek steering behavior example, still showing seeking behavior with an additional attribute for health. The characters have differences in their attributes: One of them is slower with better agility, while the other is faster with a lower agility and narrower field of vision (FOV). The characters both have a decay rate which steadily decreases but is boosted by food, so now they have a need to seek out nutrition. The characters continue feeding until one of them dies, at which point the experiement is reset by means of setting the health of both of them back to full. A tally is kept on the number of times each of the creatures has died so a comparison can be made between the different approaches the two creatures take to surviving in their environment. This one can be interesting to watch, and in most of my tests the slower one would outlive the faster one five to six times as often (over a cycle of 50-100 deaths total).