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Obstacle Avoidance Steering Behavior by Mike J       What's going on here? | Comments? | Flash plugin required

Note: GalaxyGoo first published this project while participation in the 2003 blogathon, for which GalaxyGoo was honored with the Best Visual Arts Project award.

Author's comments:

One thing of note in the source is how the feelers were calculated. I went the route of a narrow, fixed field of vision for calculating if their body would come in contact with one of the pillars instead of actually calculating straight out from the side of their body. This is to ease the load on the processor since it only requires two calculations per creature instead of 3 or 4. Couple things that could be added onto this for furthering the method used for avoidance would be to check multiple points along each feeler (currently, it only checks the ends), and to evaluate which obstacle is the closest to the entity if the creature is in contact with multiple pillars.