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mxClouds 1.0 by Richard Wright       What's going on here? | Comments? | Flash plugin required

Note: GalaxyGoo first published this project while participation in the 2003 blogathon, for which GalaxyGoo was honored with the Best Visual Arts Project award.

Author's comments:

This is a simplified version of an earlier application that eases the drain on the cpu. The whole point of using this is to replace the more robust Perlin noise algorithm for cloud cover, which requires iterative code to graph the noise. My attempts to accomplish this graphing have thus far proven to be too much of a cpu drain within the Flash environment to render realistic cloud formations.

This app uses a single cloud bitmap, rendering instances of it using random scaling, speed, position, and alpha with user-controlled restrictions. Certainly it's a hack, but should suffice for non-mission-critical applications. I've left the motion a bit too fast for a realistic display, so I would advise tweaking the code a bit to slow the gale-force winds.