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Langton's Ants Version 1 by Edwin Heijmen       What's going on here? | Comments? | Flash plugin required

Note: GalaxyGoo first published this project while participation in the 2003 blogathon, for which GalaxyGoo was honored with the Best Visual Arts Project award.

Author's comments:

A Flash-version of Langton's Ants. The 'ant' moves on a 'grid' of cells and toggles the state of the cells it walks. The state of the cell the ant is on determines if the ant will turn left or right. At first there's mostly chaos with some symmetry but after a while the ant (the orange dot) starts to build a 'highway'. The experiment ends when the ant leaves the visual area (as it is building the highway). A fine example of simple rules creating chaos from which eventually symmetry arises. More info can be found here. Click to restart.