Art Intersect Science 2005

Art Intersect Science 2005

postcard imageArt, Math, and Science are part of our daily lives--from the mundane to the sublime--from cough drops and airplanes to the human genome project and Leonardo da Vinci. In celebration, GalaxyGoo presents an art show and benefit auction featuring artistic expressions of Math and Science.

About the Art

The art in this show is inspired by math and science, and some of the works are created by scientists.

View a slideshow of selected pieces from the show.

About the Event

On November 10, 2005, we celebrated the intersection of art and science, with live music by Wendy De Rosa. Catering was provided by 24th Street Cheese Company, The Ritz-Carlton San Francisco, and the Westin St. Francis.

Hosted by Lucid Gallery (near Union Square of San Francisco), the show was open for public viewing for two weeks in November, 2005. Lucid is located at 580 Sutter Street, in San Francisco.

About GalaxyGoo

GalaxyGoo is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing science literacy among students and the general public. To accomplish these goals, GalaxyGoo develops educational software and curriculum materials which are free to students, teachers, and the general public.

The Artists:

Some amazing artists, authors, and scientists participated in this show, including


Event Sponsors:

Lucid Gallery, The Ark Toy Store of San Francisco, The PlumpJack Group...and more.