A GalaxyGoo Project, Exploring Art and Code


Edited by Kristin Henry

Art by Simon Conlin, Branden Hall, Kristin Henry, Hugh Elliott, Keith Peters, Xiaolei Shi, Ben Stucki, Jared Tarbell, Andrew Tedford, and more.

About the Art


They come in all sizes and shapes. They aggregate into complex structures. We ourselves are made of them, even as we exist as particles in a larger system.

Particles can form simple swarms with simple behaviors. They can exist in a complex system with simple rules, generating complex behaviors. They can be active individuals and steadfast obstacles. They can wear disguises, and trick us into thinking they are something else.

A single particle may be the tail of a comet, the extrusion of a point, they can act under the surface without ever being seen directly many possibilities.

--Kristin Henry

About the Book

The works in this book were created from code, specifically ActionScript, and captured from dynamic Flash animations. The artists have donated their work, and all profits from sales of this book will benefit GalaxyGoo.

About GalaxyGoo

GalaxyGoo is a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing science literacy among students and the general public. To accomplish these goals, GalaxyGoo develops educational software and curriculum materials which are free to students, teachers, and the general public.

The Artists: