Periodic Table: built with Flash, XML, webMathematica
by Kristin Henry and Brian Higgins
July 11, 2002 (Last Updated: December 27, 2003)       What's going on here? | Comments? | Flash6 plugin required

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What's going on here?

This project demonstrates the combination of Flash(MX), XML, and webMathematica.

In the flash application, cells for each element are dynamically generated and arranged on the stage. Basic information about each element (the atomic number, element symbol, and element name) is passed to the flash application from an XML document, and displayed.

Button functions are also dynamically assigned, so that clicking on each element calls a webMathematica MSP for information about that element. The results of the MSP are then passed back into flash and displayed.


Brian Higgins' original HTML version can be viewed on his web site.

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